2024-25- The New Editions ;)

Published on 5 July 2024 at 19:18

First of all, thanks for allowing me to be the first Fan Post on a site that looks like it was made by me circa dial up 2000'ish writing about Rasheed Wallace(Because it is me!).  I want to first mention that I am ecstatic for the new season with the additions of Donovan and Deni thus far. I wasn't a huge a fan of the idea of taking Clingan, but after countless hours of reading comments on the Edge, and the curtain slowly being peeled back of his potential and current abilities I was very pleased with the pick. Especially since the whirlwind of rumors that he could go higher in the draft it just made sense(I really wanted Buzelis). We do need a guy that has those Nurk screen abilities as we all know DominAyton plays a game of light freeze tag when coming up for the pick and roll. Also the talk of him being able to pop the 3 ball might be more than just workout hype. He played the style Hurley wanted him to play, and they were excellent. Can't argue with that strategy. 

If you can't stand Blazer homerism then you should have left the vicinity at Fan Post. I really really like Deni Avdija. I'm not just saying that because I just discovered him during the trade. Somehow I have ended up watching more Wizards ball the last couple years than I can comprehend. I've always been a fan of John Wall in his prime and maybe that is why I somehow ended up watching the Wizards more than most that have been perusing the tape on him. He actually frustrated me to watch before last season, but his sheer aggression and physicality really impressed me to the point where I felt like man, if you just added that mentality to player A or B, they would kick ass and we would be in a different place in development. Needless to say he is going to give you that Josh Hartness, with more height, at a younger age, a better contract and he won't turn all scaredy cat about shooting the 3 randomly during the season(love Josh, best SG SF PF C rebounder in the league).

I'm not banking on him shooting above or even at his previous year mark, but I do think he was under utilized and like some of us that think we should be dealing away a Simons or Grant to give way to the kids, he had a Beal and Porzingis taking the ball away and has the potential to really break out. When I say break out, I don't do the oh 20 6 6 and 1.25 and he's killing bro. I mean he will impact the team in a winning style of play. He will be out there hustling, pushing on defense, attacking the rim relentlessly like he has done since he got minutes. Now he has a corner 3 to add to that game, so yes we had to give up some assets for him.

Love Brogdon, but I truly believe this type of mindset, the Jabari's, and Toumani's types that just play like the game could be taken away from them at any moment is exactly what we need. I'm pumped to see it, it takes time to gel, but I'm pumped to see it. You know why? Because I am a crazy Blazer Fan! Blazer Craze :) 


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13 days ago

Excellent opinion piece

13 days ago

Does this mean you won’t be posting on the edge anymore? Good. I hated your snarky shit. Haha jk. Make sure you come back to the board and shoot the shit trailer or I guess it’s Jon now. I’m going to stalk you. I’m sending you an email for a fan post to put on here.

Andy F
13 days ago

Epic pic choice. Great read. You can tell you know your stuff even if it’s your opinion I agree on Deni. It’s a good fit with our youth timeline and he’s experienced and only 23. And oh wait… he plays fucking defense!!!

Jack Ryan the TV version
14 days ago

Deni is going to be great for us. I can feel it!

14 days ago

Great post Travel aka Jon. Hope you keep them coming. Can't stand the quality of writing at some unmentionable places *cough Reddit *cough. I would love to write something about Rupert. I see a bright future with that kid.