What are the plans for next season? Are we looking to get into a play in spot and gut it out with the outcome possibly being a late lotto if we lose, or are we tanking another season for that dynamo draft class of 2025? Cooper Flagg!! Ace Bailey?

The hardest part of this rebuild (2 timeline) stretch for a lot of fans is they really don't know what path exactly the Trail Blazers are headed towards. If you asked me, we are firmly on the rebuild path, but also trying to not discourage casual fans that may not be to high on the recent strategy of fresh talent and development, and that's understandable. 

Portland was plagued by injuries last season, real injuries to begin with, later on..well yeah those were skeptical is all I will say. The biggest of all was losing Shaedon Sharpe for the year with a torn adductor  (I believe) muscle and I 100 percent backed with leaving him out at his young age to make sure we do not have a GP2/Dame situation. Lets be clear, Shaedon holds a lot of hope for this organization to become a future superstar. I still believe Canada created him in a lab with the unsubstantiated claim of a 50 inch vertical with the ability to float through the air a la MJ but more of Neil Armstrong in space. 

As always fans are split, as they were with the Dame situation. Trade him and rebuild or get imaginary players via free agency and trades. The former was not going to get the team anywhere. Now we have some real young assets that are already showing great promise. With another year of development under their belt, on top of the new additions of highly coveted and proven winner Donovan Clingan as well as Deni Advija from the Wizards could we make the play in? Maybe. The west is tough but seemingly the east is grabbing what they can to bulk up bloated payrolls too. The new CBA is in full effect limiting teams like the Warriors, Clippers and Celtics who are breaking records on team salaries. Luxury tax is a mofucka and for a small market team I like it.

The problem is this team has had a lot of changes since play off time. One key aspect I believe people forget is chemistry. Joe Cronin has been selecting very particular players since he was given the GM job. That takes development and court time with guys that may be 2nd round gems, or reclamation projects like Cam Reddish(more 1st round pick than reclamation) on top of our lotto picks that need minutes to truly gain NBA experience. Then these guys need to get use to playing with each other. Did Nikola Jokic show up day 1 and know what spots his guys like to shoot the 3, or time a cut for a dunk? No. You have to gel, and you have to gel with talent you see worthy of continuing to develop in the system. 


The offseason is still early and chimes of Ant Simons/Jerami Grant finding new homes could be real. If we stay as we are, with the youngsters taking a leap, and the vets from last year lessening their iso tendencies, with the addition of Clingan and Deni, no injuries and RW 3 playing then yes..we definitely could be a play in team. Thankfully I see the Crone Zone working diligently to unload a few vets to for more young guys and or picks and continue making room for the youngsters who are showing out. 

Ideal situation: Leaps by our young crew with ample minutes, competitive games, better suited mentor veterans and a kick ass defense. Who doesn't think Scoot, Shaedon, Toumani or Jabari, Deni and Ayton with a young back up rim protector couldn't be a good team in the future? I think so.

Shaedon Sharp dunk

2024-25- The New Editions ;)

First of all, thanks for allowing me to be the first Fan Post on a site that looks like it was made by me circa dial up 2000'ish writing about Rasheed Wallace(Because it is me!).  I want to first mention that I am ecstatic for the new season with the additions of Donovan and Deni thus far. I wasn't a huge a fan of the idea of taking Clingan, but after countless hours of reading comments on the Edge, and the curtain slowly being peeled back of his potential and current abilities I was very pleased with the pick. Especially since the whirlwind of rumors that he could go higher in the draft it just made sense(I really wanted Buzelis). We do need a guy that has those Nurk screen abilities as we all know DominAyton plays a game of light freeze tag when coming up for the pick and roll. Also the talk of him being able to pop the 3 ball might be more than just workout hype. He played the style Hurley wanted him to play, and they were excellent. Can't argue with that strategy. 

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