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2024-25- The New Editions ;)

First of all, thanks for allowing me to be the first Fan Post on a site that looks like it was made by me circa dial up 2000'ish writing about Rasheed Wallace(Because it is me!).  I want to first mention that I am ecstatic for the new season with the additions of Donovan and Deni thus far. I wasn't a huge a fan of the idea of taking Clingan, but after countless hours of reading comments on the Edge, and the curtain slowly being peeled back of his potential and current abilities I was very pleased with the pick. Especially since the whirlwind of rumors that he could go higher in the draft it just made sense(I really wanted Buzelis). We do need a guy that has those Nurk screen abilities as we all know DominAyton plays a game of light freeze tag when coming up for the pick and roll. Also the talk of him being able to pop the 3 ball might be more than just workout hype. He played the style Hurley wanted him to play, and they were excellent. Can't argue with that strategy. 

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Is Jerami Grant going to the Lakers?

So far the offseason has not produced any major moves for the Los Angeles Lakers. The re-signing of LeBron James and Max Christie represent the only moves the team has made so far and it looks as if any significant upgrade to the roster would have to come via trade.

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12 days ago

I love Shaedon!!!

13 days ago

Good job Jonny boy.

Alex A
13 days ago

Your so funny. Just up and decide to start a blazer blog eh? If anyone can do it you can. Cool man I hope you stick with it.

Nickie G
14 days ago

Jabba Walkie is my boy!

14 days ago

Go Blazers!

15 days ago

Its going to take a lot of work to get this thing going properly but ya'll will figure it out. Deni is my boy!

15 days ago

Nice post Trailer! Can't wait till this site is functional. Would love a more fan post geared site as the authors at most places aren't half as good as the commenters on Edge.

With the 7th Pick the Portland Trail Blazers selected Donovan Clingan out of UCONN